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  1. Talk to your bank manager or a qualified mortgage broker to obtain a pre-approval BEFORE you start looking.  This will help you know your limit and be in a better position to make an offer when you find the right property.
  2. Wishlist – make yourself a list of those things you NEED and also those things you’d LIKE in a property. If you can get around 60% satisfied, you’re doing well.
  3. Research around 7-10% above your budget but remember most properties in Tasmania are priced spot on, but some vendors may be a little negotiable.  Don’t make ridiculous offers but don’t be afraid to ask the question.
  4. Speak to a solicitor or conveyancer (or your financier) regarding extra costs eg mortgage lenders insurance, stamp duty, legal costs, building insurance etc. so no hidden surprises.
  5. Develop a good line of communication with your real estate agent, so you can be kept up to date with new listings and/or changes in circumstances. Sign up to my mailing list!
  6. Make realistic offer(s) and keep things ticking along smoothly – if you like it, buy it!  Most Vendors don’t like playing games!
  7. What conditions will you need to include in a contract? What time frame will the bank need? – pre-empt these questions.
  8. Enjoy the process!! Buying a new home or investment property is always exciting – don’t forget to enjoy it!
  9. My Coast Realty – the only name you need to remember!!

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