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  1. Check All Light Globes Work! Match yellow and white hues!
  2. Toilet Seats Down!
  3. Washing Off The Line!
  4. Blinds/Curtains Open!
  5. Less is More …. DE-CLUTTER benches, hallways!
  6. Dust!
  7. Spray Air Freshner & Let in Fresh Air!
  8. All “junk” and magnets etc. off Fridge for Photos!
  9. All shampoos, excess items in Bathroom away in cupboards for Photos!
  10. Front Door, Door Step – Clean, no cobwebs, no dead pot plants,       not 100 pairs shoes – FIRST IMPRESSIONS do count!
  11. Pictures on Walls straight and Cushions straight – for photos!
  12. Lawns Neat – no BIG weeds! No Doggy Doos!!
  13. All Doors Open & Shut (or slide) Smoothly!
  14. Toys in boxes or cupboards – walkways clear!
  15. Dog & Cat food bowls clean or away – Kitty Litter trays clean or away!
  16. Carpets Steam Cleaned!
  17. No Mould! Ensure window frames, walls & ceilings all clean
  18. Fresh Flowers are always nice!
  19. Mirrors clean, not smeared!
  20. Take a look around as if you were the Buyer and look for anything that needs addressing and FIX IT!

My experience shows that for that bit of extra effort you put in now, it WILL pay off – the better presented you are in the marketplace the quicker the sale will happen for you and you can get back to having fun, not just being ON THE MARKET!!                                

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